Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Quiet Watchdog

If you dread shopping for a flight even more than flying, then Airfare Watchdog is for you. Their bark is just loud enough to call your attention to the latest airline deals.

Register your email address, enter your preferred route and voila! You're a few clicks away from a bon voyage. Airfare Watchdog will email you when flights for your preferred itinerary go on sale.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Free Museum Days

We can be cultured and cheap. One of the coolest things about Free Museum Day is that you may actually be surprised by how many museums are in your city.

FMD lists museums by city, noting which days are free &/or when admission fees are reduced.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Name Your Price

You can with Price Protectr, who claims to be your shopping companion. Although they won't accompany you to the store, they will watch prices of the products you're interested in, and more importantly, let you know when it drops.

The service is free, once you sign up and provide the products you're interested in. Price Protectr does the rest. They track 162 stores including Amazon, The Apple Store, Best Buy, Circuit City, Costco, Future Shop, Sears and Staples. And if you've already bought the item, and find the price is lowered, you may just get an adjustment.

So why waste time chasing sales when they can come to you? Just name your price.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mind Your Minutes

Fed up with overage charges? Over My Minutes is a free service to consumers and non-profits. Sign up to receive a warning text message when you're nearing your limit.

Now just make sure the warning message doesn't max out your text allowance.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Leggo My Egg Yo

Alright. I couldn't resist. But don't let that distract you from making the most of this incredible edible.

Eggs aren't just for scrambling anymore. Here are few tips I found to help you add a little something extra to inexpensive meals:

Make your own "noodles" by beating the egg(s), and pouring a thin layer into a mediumish pan. Allow to set, then flip. Once cooked, cut the egg into short, skinny strips. Add to broth, or salads.

Wrap your leftovers. Pour half (at a time) of a beaten egg into a small nonstick, and swirl for a thin layer. Use medium-low heat, allow to set and lightly brown on the bottom. Place on plate, fill, and wrap.

Add some inexpensive protein to pasta. Crumble hard-boiled eggs, and add a few other ingredients like croutons, butter or oil, and herbs.

Voila. Vivent longtemps la poule.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Ceci N'est Pas Une Bargain

Slow down Samurai Shopper. "On Sale" does not a bargain make.

Do you suffer from "One Day Sale" mania? These five steps to smart
sale-shopping will help you avoid buying everything you don't need.

1. Count To 10.
Used in many hot-head situations, taking time to step away, breathe and calm down really works. Give yourself 20 minutes before going to the register and let your dopamine levels come down a bit.

2. Lemmings. They're All Lemmings.
Remember you are an individual. Competition fuels desire. So avoid the frenzied crowd mentality which drives people to humiliate themselves by fighting over Elmos.

3. Pay With Greenbacks. Quid. Or Pesos.
Paying with cash eliminates that faux "safe" barrier when paying with a credit card. We spend more money when we use our cards.

4. Why Is This Marked Down Anyway?
Nobody wanted the item at full price, Silly.

5. Stop Tripping.
Focusing on your guilt for buying something will leave you dissatisfied and more likely to continue spending unnecessarily.

Now off you go Grasshopper. Don't spend it all in one place.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Salty Sweet

Spending time with singles lately? Throw some (Kosher) salt in your budget wounds and stretch those dollars.

Even PDiddy didn't want to be Puffy. Dissolve one tspoon of K-salt in a cup of warm water. Soak cotton pads. Place on your eyes.

Facial in a box. Mix one tspoon of olive oil with one tspoon of K-salt. Massage into your face with gentle upward strokes. Wash off with a mild facial soap.

Don't let the beach hit you back in the wallet. Using a spray bottle, dissolve K-salt in water. Spray. Scrunch. Air Dry. Gorgeous.

Staying beautiful on the cheap. Sweet.